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“I don’t need to invest yet. I’m still young.”

“My salary is just enough for my daily expenses. I can’t invest in insurance at the moment.”

“It’s too expensive. It’s not my priority now.”

Those lines used to be my excuses in getting an insurance more than a couple of years ago. Only when I became a mom did I realize the importance of investing for the future. When I was still working, I commute everyday to and from work. There were times when I witnessed accidents happen on the road or even experienced it myself. Then I thought, if anything happens to me, I don’t want to leave a burden to my family, especially to my daughter. So, I took a life insurance with investment.

Every time I come across a topic about insurance, I always wish that I could invest more. But being a stay-at-home mom (doing blogging on the side), it seems difficult to achieve. Until I learned about the “Make It Mutual” campaign by Sun Life.

Brand Ambassador Matteo Guidicelli

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) brings back its “Make It Mutual” campaign, a highly successful investor education campaign which aims to encourage more Filipinos to make mutual funds their choice of investment in achieving their #FinancialGoals.

For the last couple of years, the number of millennial investors grew year-on-year. It only proves that young Filipinos are now aware and ready to take responsibility of their future. If millennials can do that, what more the older generations with stable income? And now, perhaps anybody can start investing as Sun Life “Make It Mutual” campaign make investment easier and affordable. For only 1,000 pesos, one can now open an account online through the Sun Life portal or mobile application.

Sun Life released a series of four digital videos which highlights the ease of investing, the importance of choosing the right fund to suit the investor’s personality and priorities, and the need to invest regularly for the long-term in order to stay on track one’s financial goals. Watch out for that!


FACT: I struggle to save because I have the tendency of withdrawing money every time I see something that I think would be useful for Gabby’s learning through play. Mom Expos and Baby Fairs happen almost every month, not to mention online shopping which makes spending easier. I try to avoid them, but sometimes, I just can’t!

My hard-earned money is safer in investment because there is no way I could withdraw the money anytime soon. It continues to grow as years pass by and I can say that my future and that of my family are secured.

To date, I have invested in real property, memorial plan, and life insurance.


mutual fund pools the money of investors. Fund managers invest the money to make it grow over time. Investors then share in the potential returns of the fund.

If you have little or no knowledge about investment at all or no time to study the money and stock market, mutual fund may be right for you. Why? Because other persons, who are expert on the matter, will handle your funds to make it grow.

As mentioned earlier, I have declined insurance offers in the past. I thought that my money would only go to waste if I invest in insurance. However, when I became a mom, my outlook in life and priorities changed. It’s no longer just about me. I learned to look at the bigger picture, created long-term goals, and talked to a Financial Advisor.

I suggest to seek the service of a Financial Advisor who you know personally. That way, you could be confident to discuss you goals, open-minded to explore your options as to what kind of investments are best for your goals, and committed to your investment journey. That person goes beyond sales-talk and genuinely supports you in achieving your financial goals.

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