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You may rather drink wine, but I tell you, it’s still best to eat the source. Grapes are commonly known to reduce the risk of heart problems and decrease sugar levels to prevent diabetes. Surprisingly, grapes offer several benefits you may not have heard about.

Here are three of these benefits:

  1. Improves brain power and memory

My curiosity about grapes started when I was planning to review for the bar exams last year (Postponed due to unforeseen events). Knowing that my memory is not as good as it was, I searched for natural food, particularly fruits (picky-eater here) that could help me improve my memory. Search results revealed mostly berries, which are not typically available in all supermarkets, except for one — grapes.

Resveratrol, found in the skin and seeds of grapes, helps in increasing blood flow to the brain, thereby it could help speed up mental responses. In a study by the University of Switzerland, it was found that resveratrol can help remove plaques and free radicals, which affect the brain.

2. Revitalize the skin

Sit like Cleopatra as you munch grapes in stems. (I did just like that, I swear.) Filled with Vitamin C and antioxidants, grapes can reverse the aging process and tone the skin. It also protects the skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation and free radicals that can cause wrinkles and dark spots. Vitamin C as we know it is responsible for healing scars and giving the immune system a boost.

3. Excellent source of antioxidants

Resveratrol, Anthocyanins (abundant in red grapes), and Catechins (abundant in green grapes) are antioxidants present in grapes. Antioxidants are substances that protect the cells against free radicals, which damage the cells, causing aging, heart disease, cancer, and inflammation.

For a guilt-free snack with benefits inside and out of the body, I wouldn’t mind replacing tasty junk foods and cold soda with a bunch of grapes. Totally no hard feelings giving up my comfort food.

Do you know how to spot fresh grapes? See the white residue in the skin of grapes? It is the waxy coating produced naturally by the grapes called bloom. The bloom protects the fruits from moisture loss and decay.


Taste Australia‘s Australian Table Grapes is naturally grown and ripened under the Australian sunshine with a sweet burst of flavour and juicy pulp. The good news is it’s now in the Philippines!

The 2020 season varieties include Tam’s Gold and Crimson Seedless as well as Sweet Sapphire (a long finger-shaped black grape), Autumn Crisp (a very sweet and crispy grape), and Cotton Candy (a sweet, aromatic green grape). Known for their extra sweet taste, these varieties make a delicious snack for the whole family to enjoy. 

Sliced in half. Make sure to slice the grapes before giving it to young children to avoid choking.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Australian Table Grape farmers and food safety inspectors reassured all fruit is grown using the highest food safety standards and most advanced growing techniques, ensuring all produce leaving the farm is of the highest quality and safe for consumption. 

As Australia is the closest southern hemisphere supplier to the Philippines, Australian Table Grapes found in store are guaranteed to be the freshest in the market. The whitish bloom on the skin of each grape is another key indicator of freshness, proving they’re delivered directly from the farm to your table.

This season’s pickings of Australian Table Grapes are available in Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, Marketplace by Rustan’s, Robinsons Supermarket, S&R, and SM Supermarkets, and thru e-Commerce partners like Baytown’s Produce, Crate2plate, and Dizon Farms. Follow Facebook.com/TasteAustraliaPhilippines on Facebook and @tasteaustraliaph on Instagram for more updates.

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