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An Interactive Setting With Live Culinary Showcase at d’Origine


An Interactive Setting With Live Culinary Showcase at d’Origine

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A passionate foodie doesn’t just help himself with the food served before him. He digs deeper into the origin, cuisine, and recipe that make up a dish.

Interactive dining with a live culinary showcase by seasoned chefs excites the foodie in me as I get to know each and every dish I tasted. I’m talking about d’Origine.

dusitD2 The Fort, Manila and Dusit Hospitality Management College opens the doors of d’Origine, located on the first floor of the integrated hotel and college, which presents a rich menu that balances signature dishes and contemporary cuisine.

“With the innovative mix of our seasoned chefs and young protégés, we are able to serve our guests with such a rich variety, from signature dishes to inventive new recipes.” shares Executive Chef and Director of Culinary Arts, Chef Cyrille Soenen.

Take a look around d’Origine.


And now for the main event… FOOD!


Freshly baked bread. Served hot.


PARMENTIER with cheese and herb ravioli, truffle foam


Barramundi Stuffed with Shrimp (for sharing) P1,388                                  baked with puff pastry and served with sauce choron

Fillet the fish. Shrimp course. Sandwich together, wrapped in puff pastry and bake for 25 minutes. Vegetables include carrots that have been confit and slow-cooked for 30 minutes, shallots, and garlic confit.


Adlai Rissotto

A mix of asparagus and Jamon Seranno == that’s why there’s that kick of salty flavor.

celery potato mash gratinated with Emmenta

Cooked for 48 hours at 68 degrees, no wonder the meat melts in your mouth like a marshmallow.

PORK CHOP CHARCUTIERE P488 served with charcutine sauce and mashed potatoes

The porkchop was cooked for almost 12 hours at a low temperature.

PAMORA FREE-RANGE CHICKEN BLANQUETTE FRICASSE                          with glazed baby vegetables
  • single P688
  • for sharing P1,288

Cooked for almost 9 hours. Mixture of chicken stock, cream, and the liquid of rehydrated fresh morel mushrooms made up the soak supreme of PAMORA FREE-RANGE CHICKEN BLANQUETTE FRICASSE.

served with baby potatoes and ravigore sauce

It’s not your typical lengua. We mistook it for wagyu! hahaha Procedure for cooking is mixed modern and old school.

All the dishes here take long hours to produce, meticulously cooked and served with love.




I recommend this place for lunch meetings, formal occasions or just when you want to have a full dining experience.

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